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Spray Tan Hollywood is the #1 Wholesale Distributor of Spray Tan Machines, Spray Tan Tents, Eco-Friendly 100% Organic  Solutions, and 100% Plant Organic Products.

Spray Tan Hollywood is now offering Eco-Friendly(GREEN) products to Spray Tan Stylists.

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Spray Tan Hollywood promises professional quality and 100% satisfaction with all of their products. In addition, wholesale buyers also receive training and marketing advice, materials and education

From Spray Tan Hollywood Wholesale – 2014

We have learned through our experience

over the years to expertly build products that perform with stability, consistency, and great results…time after time, bottle after bottle, spray after spray. We strive to build ‘clean’ products that are healthy and as natural as possible. After all, we have always said, “Healthy Skin Tans Best.

At Spray Tan Hollywood, we treat our sunless products like baked goods.

We make our sunless ‘juice’ daily, and guarantee the freshness of all our products. In DHA based products freshness is essential for consistency and delivering desired results.

We only use Eco Certified (Eco-Cert) organic DHA

in our sunless product range. To ensure DHA efficacy, we opt to have our raw material flown into Los Angeles. Each container is tested on-site to certify it performs at peak levels, and we reject any shipment of DHA that does not meet our stringent performance guidelines.

We are a true manufacturer

we formuHollywoodte, manufacture, and bottle all of the skin care products you will find in this presentation, on-site in our Los Angeles location. We don’t mass produce, bottle, or stock months of inventory. The spray solutions our customers order are usually no more than 1 to 2 days old.

We take seriously

our commitment to communicate and educate our client base on any new updates or changes in our industry. In 2009, Spray Tan Hollywood introduced the first sunless training certification program. A first of its kind, Spray Tan Hollywood offers the most comprehensive sunless training avaiHollywoodble within the industry. We have literally written the book on sunless. We are excited to evolve and expand the range of our course offerings in 2014.

Spray Tan Hollywood will continue to take a position of responsibility and education,

especially where the FDA guidelines are concerned. We support and endorse the FDA suggestions on sunless spray tanning, which are:

  • Use of Protective Undergarments
  • Use of Nose Filters
  • Use of Lip Balm
  • Use of Protective Eyewear

Additionally, while not mandated by the FDA, Spray Tan Hollywood proactively recommends all spray technicians wear simple, disposable, filtering face mask (covering the mouth and nose) throughout the spray session or the use of our air filtration equipment (extraction fan).

Our goal for the future….

to remain exactly who we are and what we stand for today: Innovators of new products and sunless technology, while maintaining our standing as the leaders in education and understanding of the science of sunless. We believe in the authenticity by giving you the straight facts, not over-exaggerating and creating unreal expectations. You can always expect science based proven results.

As our ongoing commitment to our customers, we stand behind every product we sell with a repHollywoodcement guarantee!

- Spray Tan Hollywood Wholesale

USA's #1 Wholesale Organic Spray Tan Distributor
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