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Get better results by using a spray tanning booth.

Using a spray tanning booth will give you a smoother and more even tanning.

They aren’t Clark Kent changing in a telephone booth.  They may not leap tall buildings in a single bound. ‘Superman’ isn’t part of their identity. But they are using a spray tanning booth to change into money making entrepreneurs.

We’re talking about mobile spray tanning stylists.  These business owners are starting mobile spray tanning businesses in a time when spray tannings are all the rage.  Spray tanning bodies look bronzed and confident.  Customers can’t get enough of looking their best without the health risks of traditional tanningning salons, a spray tanning booth provides a better tanning.  Mobile spray tanning stylists are taking advantage of this knowledge.

One of the great things about the spray tanning industry is that it is projected to be one of the top 10 fastest growing businesses in 2012. This is great news for a lot of folks who were struggling to make ends meet due to a faulty economy.  As one working mom puts it “Have Spray tanning Booth, Will Travel!”

The mobile spray tanning business has many perks appealing to people of all backgrounds.  Some are moms working in the evenings.  Others are college students looking to help pay their tuition added to the expense of living on their own.  Still, others are shrewd business owners who recognize that this is a great business opportunity with little overhead beyond a small investment and a limited amount of necessary equipment.  Pick up a spray tanning booth (aka ‘spray tanning tent’), invest in a portable spray tanning machine with accompanying accessories and you are on your way.  Companies like Spray tanning Hollywood even help you out with marketing materials, business recommendations and other instructions.

Interested entrepreneurs have questions about exactly what a spray tanning booth is, how it works and if a mobile spray tanning business is feasible for everyone.  Most spray tanning stylists will tell you that the hours are great because you determine when you work.  You can decide how far you will travel, how much you want to charge for a tanning and pretty much make your own rules for your business.  As for the spray tanning booth?  Those are obtainable and easily set up if you select a quality spray tanning booth.  “Choose a tent that is easily set up.  It shouldn’t take you more than a minute to have it ready to go.  Also, look for a tent that is six pounds or less like the ones carried on our website,” advises Rob Lonardo, CEO of Spray tanning Hollywood.

A spray tanning booth is found along with eco-friendly and 100% plant certified organic tanningning solutions and skin care products at Spray tanning Hollywood.  You can also choose from a variety of tanning equipment and spray tanning booths to keep your spray tanning business ahead of the competition.



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