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What spray tan equipment do I need to start my spray tan business? How do I select the most

reliable equipment?

These are probably two of the most frequently asked questions among new spray tan
entrepreneurs. They want to make the best investment and spend their money wisely.
Additionally, dependable equipment that will go the distance is highly prized.

So, what features do you look for? What do you want to avoid? Are there some features that
are optional?

All of these questions should be asked as you research and purchase your spray tan equipment.
We’ve put together a short list of the Top 3 critical items you should acquire. This list is
provided by the experts at Spray Tan Hollywood. The company is headquartered in both Florida and
California. Considered the ultimate source for an elite spray tan, Spray Tan Hollywood has a noteworthy
list of clients. As a trendsetting company known for being the authority on flawless spray
tans, Spray Tan Hollywood caters to modeling agencies, actors and actresses, Playboy models, beauty
pageant contestants and fitness competitors. With such distinguished customers, there is no
doubt they have the best of the best when it comes to spray tan equipment and accessories.

The Short List for Spray Tan Equipment

Spray Tan Machine – Choose a machine that is compact and easy to carry. Spray tan stylists
with years of expertise caution new business owners to purchase a good machine that won’t
weigh them down. Additionally the machine should have an HPLV motor and deliver a consistent
volume of warm air at low pressure. Professionals strongly recommend choosing a machine with
a good warranty in the event you need repairs. The Spray Tan Hollywood Spray Tan Machine is backed
by a full five year warranty that includes both parts and labor. If you’ve looked at all, you’ll find
that this is not a common practice among equipment sellers.

Spray Tan Tent – Select a dark colored tent that will set up in less than a minute. Your spray
tan tent should also be light weight and tall enough for your clients to walk into. Spray Tan Hollywood
recommends less than six pounds like the one sold on their wholesale site.

Eco-Friendly Spray Tan Solutions – Some spray tan stylists will tell you that the right
solution is everything when it comes to delivering the perfect tan. Select 100% organic and
plant certified solutions. Help the environment and be considerate of your clients who are doing
their part to go green, use safer and healthier ingredients and avoid parabens. You can find the
Cadillac of all spray tan solutions at Spray Tan Hollywood. 100% plant certified, organic and paraben
free. The company is pleased that their solutions are never tested on animals and a good option
for dedicated vegans.

Choosing your spray tan equipment can be painless if you go to a wholesale website that
provides a solid selection of reliable equipment. You want to look for warranties, a commitment
to being eco-friendly and a dedication to its customers. When a company takes a personal
interest in the quality of their spray tan equipment you know you are in the right place. Be sure
to visit the wholesale store over at Spray Tan Hollywood to pick up everything you need in one location.

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